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Compassionate Family Law Guidance

Family law cases are never simple. Even in amicable cases, there are many moving parts, some with long-term legal implications. At Winter Garden Family Law Firm, our attorney can help you understand all those parts and provide the informed legal guidance you need to make the correct decision for your family and your future. Winter Garden Family Law Firm is committed to listening to your wants and needs to seek out the best choices and paths for you.

Family Law Is About Relationships

Our attorney values the personal relationships we make with our clients. We know the importance of your relationship with your children and work to help you achieve your goals. We also know that, because of your children, you will have a relationship with your child’s other parent forever, and we help equip you to maintain a civil and productive relationship for the benefit of your child.

Assisting With A Broad Range Of Family Law Issues

We know family law encompasses a wide range of issues that families often encounter.  We provide the compassionate and knowledgeable advice you need to deal with these matters, including:

  • Divorce—Understanding your rights regarding marital property, alimony, and parenting your children. We provide legal guidance to efficiently and cost-effectively work through the process.
  • Child Support–Establishment of court-ordered child support calculated by the statutory guidelines in accordance with Florida Law.
  • Child Custody—This involves where the child spends their time. Florida now uses time-sharing and parental responsibility to describe this concept.
  • Parenting Plans—Established during divorce or paternity cases, a parenting plan governs how the parties will co-parent.
  • Alimony—Alimony is based on the need of one party and the ability to pay the other party and should be considered during divorce proceedings.
  • Contempt—Enforcing previously ordered judgments.
  • Modification–Sometimes a substantial change in circumstances warrants a modification to a previously ordered plan.
  • Relocation—Florida law establishes rules regarding relocating with children, so it is important to know your rights and responsibilities if contemplating a move.
  • Adoptions—Formalizing the adoption for matched parties.
  • Paternity—Helping fathers establish their legal rights to their child and a time-sharing schedule in the best interests of the child.
  • Name Change—Changing your legal name or the name of your child.
  • Guardian ad Litem—Working as a third-party neutral to determine the best interests of the child in an ongoing family law matter.
  • Temporary Custody—Establishing custody rights for family members who are caring for a relative.

Get Help With The Difficult Decisions

We know how overwhelming many of these decisions can feel. We listen to you and work to help you understand the process, your options, how courts in our area view these matters so you can obtain the best possible settlement for all the issues you face.

Call our office in Winter Garden at 407-499-2082 or email us to get in touch.

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